Extra-Soft Tofu

– Also called Silken Tofu or “SoonTofu” is the most delicate, smoothest texture of all, and is well known from a popular hot Korean stew named after it. SoonTofu Spicy Soup!

  • Fully-Cooked
  • Low in Fat, Carbs, Cholesterol, Sodium and Sugar
  • Made in Toronto with fresh local ingredients

Because of it’s soft texture, SoonTofu is usually eaten with a spoon and is a popular added protein in a variety of Korean stews.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size30oz (90g)Cholesterol0mg
Fat Cal.30Sodium7mg
Total Fat3.3gProtein5.9g
Total Carb.1.6mgVitamin A0%
Sat. Fat0.5gVitamin C0%


NON-GMO Soybeans, Water, Calcium Sulphate

No Preservatives

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