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Doenjang :
Soy Bean Paste

One of Korean cuisine’s most essential sauces, made from fermented soybeans. Known to be rich in beneficial amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this has a stronger, sharper and deeper flavour than the Japanese ‘Miso’.

  • A great source of various nutrients
  • Made in Toronto with fresh, local ingredients

A truly versatile sauce, this can be used for a variety of soups, stews, salad dressings, dipping condiments or stir-fry. Try making Doenjang Stew with one of our tofu products for an authentic Korean experience.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size30gSodium1150mg
Calories50Total Carb.6g
Total Fat0gFiber3g
Trans Fat 0gSugars2.4g
Sat. Fat 0.5mgProtein4g


Water, Soybean, Salt

No Preservatives

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